Alchemy for Harmony


your strategy

in the most convincing and impacting manner so that it reflects fully the uniqueness of your positioning


How to ensure that your strategy is well understood and that your communication highlights its strengths adequately?


Development and positioning of your full potential in terms of image

Do you need to analyse your brand through a fresh pair of eyes and to get a new perspective on your positioning within your competitive landscape, or to bring to light all your areas of excellence in a creative and structured fashion?

I work with companies and their communication teams in order to polish their « hidden gems », strengths that may seem so obvious that perhaps they are not mentioned anymore or less than they could be. Together, we unearth the corporate essence, what characterises the offer, the contribution and the business unique selling points.

I am used to operate in co-creation mode with all stakeholders, both internal and external, analysing and identifying areas that could be further developed based on the company’s strategy so as to bring to fruition the company’s full potential in terms of image.


Strategic change and new positionning 

Should you need to rethink your positioning or renew your differentiating factors in an ever-evolving environment, Alchemy for Harmony is here to help you explain your new approach, objectives and ambitions in a clear, coherent and motivating manner for all your stakeholders.

With numerous years of professional experience spent advising leaders and senior managers and working with Strategy Departments and consulting firms, I am able to help you formalize the messages and the communication strategy that will convey adequately your new perspectives.

Beyond communication consultancy services, I often work in co-creation with management teams, internal stakeholders and agencies in order to manage, guide and lead change and produce content on these key topics in particular when companies reach essential milestones in their development.


An essential service for 

  • Start-ups wishing to fine tune the messages conveying their strategic positioning
  • SMEs scaling up
  • Players undergoing strategic change
  • Companies that need additional communication capacity for specific projects (investor days, seminars, reorganisation…).


You wish to rethink how you communicate your strategy, your positioning and your roadmap, contact me to discuss your objectives in more details and which new avenues may be available to you.

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